Technical support

A continuous technical support system that helps you from the beginning, by installing the system and solving any difficulties you may face to ensure the best service.

Efficient system

We analyze the connection and gives you analysis of the connection. You can know the  server process time

Beneficial system to manage communications

Connect your customers with all internal branches or any other branches around the world through one platform to provide them with any technical support.

We understand the need for a better and dynamic technology that contributes to businesses’ success, Therefore, InnoCalls creates Complete solution for telecommunications and technical support services across all industries. We measure our success only by offering a service that makes different.

Unique features for technical support to ensure the best quality

We create a complete Cloud Pbx communication system. With the features that the system offers, we make sure that you’re able to offer the best service, it’s more than a communication solution!

Start now with Innocalls and get a complete telecommunication service.

Mange your calls and your technical support through one system, whatever the number of branches you have or the number of concurrent calls you recieve, we at Innocalls will provide you exactly with the perfect solution that fits you.

In innocalls we seek to build a telecommunication system that help our customers grow and prosper their businesses in a better way, by using the best technologies.


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Choose the package that suits you!

We at Innocalls offer various packages for cloud communication solutions, and you can choose the package that fit you, with a flexibility to upgrade or downgrade at any time.

350 SAR

Beginners package

This package suits small businesses like e-commerce stores and start-ups that want to start building a telecommunication management system. It will be perfectly suitable for starting a telecommunication system for technical and customer support.

700 SAR

Professional Package

This package suits mid level companies that have a higher rates of calls, communication needs and technical support system. This package will help you make the best of the human resources you have, with the help of our dynamic solution.


Make your package

Get started with process and checklist fundamentals. This plan includes: unlimited users, 5 active checklists and reporting

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