System Features

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We offer you all the benefits of cloud communication to provide a professional and unique customer service and maintain a satisfied customers.

local phone number or unified number 9200

We can provide you with a real number depend on your business destination to receive calls from your customers.

Call queue

Intelligent call queuing management to make the most of the resources. we’ll get your customer to an agent as quickly as possible.

Interactive voice message (IVR)

Route the call to the correct department depends on the caller choose from a listen option.

Flexible Concurrent Calls

Increase and decrease the capacity of your number’s received calls at any moment.

Call Forwarding

Make an automatic call transfer to another internal/external number.

Call Monitoring

Monitor live your agent calls to improve the performance.

Message in standby mode

Inform your customer about your new services and products while he is waiting for your agent to pick up his call.

Call Recording

Automatically record the calls to be heard later.

Follow me service

You will not miss a call after the day, and your call will follow you wherever you are.

Audio Conferences

Manage telephone meetings with internal and external participants.

User-friendly control Panel

Check your call reports and activity easy and worldwide .

CRM Integration

Our Cloud PBX is ready for integration with any customer’s custom CRM systems; Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk.

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