Large businesses are currently migrating to networked communications. This is because these are more versatile and agile when it comes time to collaborate and seek new businesses.

Such solutions are usually low-maintenance and can interlink with different cloud-based tools for an elevated experience.

Read below to understand why cloud PBX phone System for business is essential and why innocalls is one of the best PBX cloud service providers.

? What is Cloud PBX

  1. Cloud-hosted PBX systems for business are Voice over Internet Protocol services providing unified communications without needing hardware installation.
  2. It is flexible. It is easy to add or eliminate users while integrating existing standard system hardware into a cloud PBX system as required.
  3. It is upgradeable. If your cloud PBX system has new software updates, they are easy to roll out without needing an IT admin to implement server changes.

Reasons Your Company Needs to Upgrade its Cloud PBX System

  1. Quick and inexpensive set-up. The traditional solutions are more expensive since you have to procure hardware, installation, and upkeep. A cloud-hosted PBX system is a simple matter of ensuring that headsets are aligned with the service. The PBX cloud provider hosts all the hardware. Companies like Innocalls set up their services in the  quickest time possible.
  2. Easy integrations. Since cloud PBX provides an internet-based communication solution, it is easy to integrate data from in-platforms dashboards into these 3rd party solutions.
  3. Mobile/device friendly. Currently, executives and salespeople tend to work while on the move, which is why meetings happen with at least a few people attending via their smartphones. Since cloud PBX is internet-based, your employees can sidestep call charges by utilizing local internet to call and attend meetings.
  4. Unified communications capabilities. Innocalls provides an all-in-one experience that allows cloud PBX users via your network to effortlessly switch from a call to a video conference, among other unique features.
  5. There is no need for physical hardware, which means saving costs otherwise incurred by the providers.
  6. Uptime guaranteed. The existence of many global servers hosting communications for various businesses has significantly reduced downtime. It is especially true for the hosted PBX solutions with automatic failover routing or redundant network architecture. These will eliminate downtime caused by hardware failure and are instantly corrected at the managed data centers.

? Why You Need Cloud-hosted PBX for Business

If you are curious whether you should migrate to Cloud PBX Phone System for Business, you will be surprised by the several possibilities unavailable through traditional PBX systems for business. It is an ideal type of unified communications for companies on a limited budget. With Innocalls, you get the best cloud-hosted PBX system service for your business to get a quality connection.

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