Today we live in a world
where every company needs convenience and for that
Innocalls offers a comprehensive communication service
connecting to your customers more effectively

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Claim Local and unified number for your business to communicate with your customers more convenient

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Reach any team member by simply dialing their unique Extension number

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Control the capacity
of your Concurrent calls on the same phone number at any one time

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Make a Phonebook for all your clients’ contacts shared among agents

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Setup an Interactive voice message to interact with your callers and direct them on how to proceed

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Observe your customer-facing employees in action/review all Call recordings and track productivity

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Analyze the Call history of customers and know more about them

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Talk to several agents on the same live call through innocalls Audio conferencing

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Make yourself reachable, even when you're outside the office through Call Forwarding feature

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In case you can’t answer the phone, Activate your Voicemail mailbox, and your calls will be diverted to Voicemail

Customized solutions
for E-Commerce companies

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Order confirmation

With innocalls Your customers will get Auto order confirmation via phone call and IVR will be played asking for input to approve or reject their orders.

Ex:(press 1 to confirm, press 2 to deny, etc.)
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Order tracking

Because Customers want insights into where their orders are at every stage, innocalls will automatically connect your integrated server, updating customer where the order currently is. Once your customers call following on their order status.

Benefits for using
innocalls E-commerce?

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Improve the customer experience
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Convey a professional impression
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Reduce operational costs

CRM Integrations

Innocalls comes with several dozens of integrations available to enhance your customer tracking and keep all the communications connected.
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Why Innocalls?

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High-Quality service

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Competitive pricing

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Superior customer service

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