How to satisfy your customers through cloud communications systems

There are a lot of small and emerging companies that overlook the work of proper planning process and the conduct of the flow of incoming calls, and only transmits the incoming calls to some employees, thinking that this is enough to provide an ideal experience for callers.

In fact, many customers complain about negative experiences when they contact customer service centers. Reasons may vary but poor planning of receiving calls in general is a common factor. In this article we will review the most important features available in cloud communications systems that can be exploited to make a good plan to receive incoming calls, and to upgrade the level of service provided to satisfy customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive IVR messages have many benefits for companies and institutions if they are properly exploited, you should start using it as a starting point to receive calls and be careful to pick a welcome phrases and guidance in a beautiful and attractive way to give an impression that reflects the image of the company or institution, in addition to facilitating the routing of callers and subscribers to their primary goal without wasting their time.

Caller routing is one of the most important benefits of an interactive answering service by selecting the caller from the list that they will hear before talking to a staff member, in addition to the automatic customer service feature  through the automated customer support system; where customers can get as many queries as they want, such as branch numbers or addresses, working hours and other things without having to speak with an employee.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding service means the possibility of transfer calls between departments internally, or even convert them to an external number. Cloud communication systems provide the ability to divert incoming calls to external numbers when there are no customer service staff reduce the problems that callers face when they call customer service centers and wait for long periods without answering them at the end.

This feature can be used to divert unanswered incoming calls to external mobile numbers to ensure that none of these calls are lost, which shows the caller who is often a customer that his or her connection is handled with the appropriate seriousness and attention.

Call Queues

The queuing feature allows you to accommodate a large number of calls without the possibility that the line is busy, which increases the number of simultaneous calls at the same time as the companies need. When there is a limited number of customer service staff, new calls are routed to the waiting lists in the event of busy all customer service staff to respond, and are distributed and transferred successively automatically as soon as the end of the current staff calls.

Adding that such a feature will benefit many companies in their advertising campaigns by activating promotional messages about the services provided in case the customer waiting to listen to them.

Manage Calls Outside Working Hours

The call management service should include a well-received call plan by specifying how to respond to calls received outside of office hours. For example, calls can be diverted to voicemail after the caller is informed of official working hours, and then receive voice messages via email, Or transferred calls to external numbers to be answered immediately if necessary;  to make sure not to put callers permanently under waiting lists even outside official working hours.

Call Recording

The call recording service automatically carries many benefits for companies and organizations, This service can be used by returning to listen to calls to ensure quality goals, or even to improve service performance, Technical support staff calls can also be tracked directly to improve their performance and make the service more successful.

Finally, we can say that good planning of the flow and incoming call process leaves a good impression for your customers, and that the successful company is interested in satisfying their customers. We also confirm that our technical support department welcomes your inquiry and happy to assist you in developing a good plan that suits your needs and the size of your calls.

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